Grenada, West Indies #5

Today was kind of a lazy/busy day. The only major plan of the day was to go by and pick up the live lobsters that my cousin's friend caught for us! We also went and tested out different ATMs. I was having a bit of trouble making transactions with my Visas, but that's a whole other story. After all the hassle, we figured it all out. 
My cousin explained a few things to me about the culture etiquette, which explained a lot from what I had seen already. So, the main one was greetings. When you want information from someone, whether it be a stranger or a friend, you always greet the individual with a friendly "Hello, how's it going?" or something along those lines. This also follows with a fist pound or a shake. This was a polite way to be friendly and receive the proper information. This is definitely something that would be uncommon, approaching a complete stranger, in the western culture. All along, I just thought my cousin was super friendly!! :) {Just kidding} But I asked if he would act the same in Canada {where he's from, originally} and his response was, "no way!" Since he works at St. George's University for an intro class, he gives his students a culture etiquette lesson at the beginning of the term, which is a great idea. Most of his students are from the states.
We had to travel to Woburn to receive the three lobsters and then pick up a friend from work. On this drive, I was able to snap some shots of the beautiful scenery as well as the view of Hog Island from the main island. Enjoy!
Hog Island... See just how small it is?
I just thought this was an awesome Kodak moment :)

Once we arrived back to the house, the cooking began! {Actually, I just kind of watched while my cousin handled the live lobsters!
The lobsters were itching to get out of the plastic sack!
My cousin with one of the three lobsters prior to the boiler
Lobsters after the boil
Dinner is served! Lobster marinated in different spices and sauces.
Can't end without a breathtaking sunset photo!
The rest of the evening was spent chatting and catching up with my cousin and his wife, Tammy. Time away from them had been probably 13 years, so this was much needed.

More to come with the last days of my adventure!


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