Grenada, West Indies #4

This was a nice relaxing day for a mini island tour! My cousin insisted that we would only tour a portion of the island to ensure that I return for another visit. Even if I received the entire island tour, I don't think he realized how serious I was when I told him I would be returning no matter what... Anywho, the scenery on the drive was out of this world!
The beautiful Concord Waterfall!
*One interesting thing about this location, in order to reach the bottom of the falls, where the man is standing, visitors had to walk through a house in order to reach the stairs leading down to the bottom.* {We opt out on that.}
Here's what a nutmeg looks like! Definitely a rare sight if you're use to shopping at Wal-Mart or Target.
Cocoa, anyone? 
My cousin made me touch the white coat around the big cocoa shell. It was very moist and slimy. Very strange texture! This was on display near the falls {If you can tell from the background view on the left side of the photo. :)}
We visited a cocoa factory that shows the platform where the cocoa is laid to dry in the sun after broken from the shell. The platform is on rollers just in case it starts to rain and they can just slide the platform of cocoa underneath the building to stay dry. I thought this was a brilliant idea!!
Another view...

We drove on to another village where my cousin had yet to take the tour of the nutmeg factory! I don't think I've ever seen so many nutmegs in my life!!!! They were everywhere, but now I know exactly why this spice is more expensive in the states. The intense labor explains it all.
Here's the one of the few machines in the factory which divides the light and dark colored nutmegs.
Then the ladies divide and crack the outer shells of the nutmeg, by hand. After, they were put into big bags and shipped to distributing countries that Grenada exports this spice. 
Continuing our drive through the mountains and can finally see the highest point on the island. Incredible, right?
Our last stop of the day ends at Annandale Falls. This was a gorgeous area that they had really taken care of the grounds even around the falls. 
Me :)
Can't forget about the jumper...

It was a great day for a trip around the portion of the island and can't wait to visit again for a different scenery of Grenada!

Stay tuned for the rest of my week's stay in Grenada :)


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