Grenada, West Indies #3

Waking up was a sight of paradise... Just think about waking up to this...
every morning!

Today was my day on the sea! My cousin, his wife and I went snorkeling with my cousin's friend, Oscar and his daughter. It was super fun and exhausting! We saw a lot of little fish, corral and statues that had been places for tourist attraction. The scenery was gorgeous, so here's the time for some more photo overload. Enjoy!
My cousin, Cris, about to go try and hunt for our dinner!
Oscar! Our boat guide and good friend of Cris'
It was a great day on the water with perfect weather, warm water, colorful fish and fun people :)

This day was not only memorable for the gorgeous scenery and snorkeling experience, but also the event which happened on the boat on our way back.
Here's the story...
We brought more than enough food for everyone on the boat to snack on throughout the day. Oscar randomly started gathering the spare food in some sacks and pulled out two cokes and put them in the sack with the food. He tied the sack of food and told his assistant {driving the boat} to pull over to the side of the ocean rocky shore. I was so confused about what was going on, but then I noticed a small shack standing alone on the rocky shore. Oscar maneuvered to the front of the boat and said "Just wait until you see him smile." {I still wasn't sure what was going on.} Oscar yelled out and out comes a skinny, malnourished man, wearing nothing but whitey-tidies and walks down the rocks with his arms out. Oscar tossed the man the sack of food and I have never seen a smile so big and bright. Oscar ordered his assistant to continue onward to the dock and nothing else was said. I looked to Cris and just smiled. Luckily, Cris didn't noticed the tears I shed after this happened. The good deed like this isn't something you just see everyday. I wasn't on a mission trip, but just an enjoyable vacation and this was something that was bittersweet. 
Everything happens for a reason... I was so grateful to have been present for that experience.



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