I was sent to an Island far far AWAY and didn't want to come back home!

So, during my saved time-off from work, I decided to venture off the continent to visit my first cousin, Cristofre Martin. {Remember my earlier blog about my cousin?} Anyways, I have returned with such great memories and can't wait to return to make many more! After exploding my excitement of how awesome Grenada to friends and family, the most asked question has been, "So, where's Grenada?" This map might help...      (Photo Received from Google Images)
See the small island just above Venezuela and Trinidad?

The 20 by 13 mile island is filled with gorgeous vegetation, waterfalls, plants, a well-known medical college, and wonderful people. Grenada reminded me a lot of Jamaica, but so much more of Africa that it made me smile. {In a good way, of course} I'm sure if you're still reading, you're dying to check out some pictures... fine fine.. Enjoy!

Grand Anse Beach

The island's population is very diverse, but the majority are Grenadian of the African decent. I was brave enough to ask my cousin almost two whole days through my trip, what language Grenadians speak. His response was, "Umm... English." I had a confused look since I couldn't even understand what the guys next to me were saying. So, I went on and asked if it was a creole. Again, he said "Umm... nope. It's just English." I started really listening to the three men beside us speak and could definitely understand what they were saying. Yes, this was an embarrassing moment :) The locals have a very thick caribbean accent and tend to drop a few letters and sounds to their words. 

During the 8 days of my stay, there was a cruise ship {as show above} ported on the island almost every day. Since hurricane season has finally past, cruise ship becomes a normal appearance on the island with many different nationalities on the island. It's a guessing game! {My cousin and I played a few times just in the week I was there!} I'm sure many of you can guess the favorite and most popular music on the island... Reggae! Most of the time when we were driving around, we would have Caribbean/Reggae Christmas music or Lucky Dube playing with the windows down :)

While the windows are down, you can't help but notice all the gorgeous plants/flowers blooming everywhere!! It was gorgeous, even if I didn't have a clue what they were!

My cousin thought it would be helpful to add this short Youtube video about Grenada dating back from 1983. 

Don't fret, more blog posts are on their way about the adventures we had during my stay!



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