Grenada, West Indies #2

To continue on my journey in Grenada...


My cousin and I slept in a bit then hung out on his balcony and enjoyed the gorgeous morning. We needed to pick up a few things from the nearby grocery store before we headed to Woburn for our boat ride to Hog Island. My cousin’s friends, Andrew and Sheldon, arrived in a small, colorful boat with a new speaker system and a V6 engine to make the little thing fly in the water!
We loaded in the small boat and saw other visitors needing a ride, so the boat was packed! We unloaded the visitors off at the island, two minutes away from the main island, and received an extra ride to fill up the gas.
View of the main island from Hog Island

Once the four of us arrived back on Hog Island, we were there for the rest of the day and on into the evening hours. At the island there was a group from the cruise ship eating fresh fish and swimming in the water. They were an entertaining group to observe as my cousin, his friends and I hang out on a bench under a tree. I was lucky enough and was able to try some fresh fish!

Angel fish
Lambi {the snail that’s inside of the big white, seashells}

The rest of the day was filled with meeting new friends and enjoying the guys play songs of new and old on the guitar and singing along with them. This was definitely a great way to end the weekend.
Tom, from London
Sheldon, a local Grenadian and good friend of my cousin's
Tom, myself and Bjornar, from Norway

On the way home, we stopped by a nearby convenient store/bar to visit others and I notice this large sign that hung above the front counter that was quite interesting...
Today was the only day during my stay that it had rained. We decided whether rain or sun, we were making a visit to the market. The market was in the area of the harbor/lagoon, which was so pretty!
We first stopped in a mall to buy vanilla and other "Grenada" souvenirs, then we made our way to the real market where I loaded up on all kinds of spices that will probably last the rest of my life. I would have to say, my cousin led me to the famous, Girlie, from whom I bought my spices! {ginger, all spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc}

Girlie and my cousin, Cris in front of her spice booth!
We walked up and down the crazy steep and zig-zagged hills and looked in the unique stores,
then decided to go home and make dinner for Cris' wife, Tammy. Check out this view from the living room...
After dinner, the three of us headed down to a restaurant called The Owl. Every Monday night they have giant hermit crab races that people can bet on the crabs. A crab can have a bet of at least $1USD= $2EC. To say the least, this was pretty entertaining!
Stay tuned for my next blogs from the rest of the week!


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