Grenada, West Indies #1

It is officially Christmas break, so that means that the blogging saga will begin! I'll start from the time the plane landed and work my way through my trip to the end. {This may take a few blogs, so get excited!} 

Friday night, 9:10 p.m.
The plane lands in beautiful Grenada. I can't see a thing, but at that moment, I had never felt such relief and so careless of any worries in a long time. Stuck in the middle of the plane, I couldn't depart fast enough. I find my bag, go through the one man customs, out the doors of the airport and my cousin greets me and off we go to change for our long night of events! 

This day was the students last day of exams at St. George's University, so many of the beach bars/restaurants provided celebration space and included live bands/DJs. It was a loooong night, but a great way to start my vacation!

I had yet to actually see the view of the island/Grand Anse Beach in the day light until I crawled out of bed. I had Googled pictures before, but it was absolutely breathtaking. 
Immediately, my cousin and I put our suits on and headed to the beach!

After much time in the water and catching some rays, we walk a few feet to trendy restaurant on the beach, called Umbrellas

My cousin and his friend, AJ, are "regulars,"
and I know exactly why! 
The service, food and beverages were great! I met many of the staff and the famous owner, Wayne, whom I saw many times later during my stay.

We find another beach spot where a friend, Saquib was DJ-ing at a resort and stayed until the sun went down. 
A man was walking by who was trying to sell a few items he had woven out of palm leaves. Thanks to AJ, I had my first souvenirs and my cousin had his hat to wear for his Christmas party later that evening!
My cousin Cris with his new hat!
AJ and I. I had to style the hat too :)
Awesome, right??
These baskets are green now, but will eventually turn brown and last! They were easy to pack, due to their flexibility and has made for a great souvenir! Thanks again, AJ!

For the rest of the evening, we made a stop at Cris' work party at St. George's University and met some professors there, originally from the states and Canada. Once I told them I was from Oklahoma, they immediately began singing "OOOOOO-klahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains..." and soon mentioned the yearly tornados. {Oh, the thoughts of our "great state" from an international perspective.} After the Christmas party, we headed to a village called, Woburn, where I met some of the friendliest Grenadians and had a relaxing Saturday evening.

More to come! Stay tuned...


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