Reasons for Happiness!

Thanks to my previous mass communications law professor, Kenna Griffin, she and her friend blogged about the top 15 things that make them happy. It's Friday and this day gives me just another reason to tell fellow bloggers what makes me happy!

1. Music, kind of like most things, can't live with it, can't live without it. This is my #1 de-stresser!

2. Long walks around OU campus. We have a gorgeous campus, as well as the housing west/northwest of the buildings.

3. Fro-Yo. Gotta have a fix of it (almost weekly) to get through those tough days!

4. Walking into my parents house when they are taking care of my five year-old nephew and the first words I hear in the most excited voice ever, "BENA'S HERE!"

5. Fruit.

6. Summer weather. Anything to not wear or lug around a jacket!

7. Working out

8. Spending relaxing weekends at Lake Texhoma in the summer.

9. Discovering new blogs and ideas for home decor!

10. Seeing my friends from out-of-state coming back for a visit.

11. Making someone else laugh, even if it's by making myself look like a fool :)

12. Traveling to a place I've never been.

13. Hearing good news about my brother's progress in their adoption.

14. A good ol' Oklahoma sunset

15. Receiving random texts from friends letting me know they're thinking about me.

Happy Friday!



  1. If you are like me, it is hard to narrow it down to 15 things that make me happy, you know? Life is so good!


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