Happy Easter!

Easter finally came! It seemed so late this year and had my white dress laid out & ready to wear...only until I woke up to thunder, lightening, pouring down rain and chilly temperatures. It was going to be worn regardless. 

Church service was great and quite eventful. Because of the storms, throughout the service we heard clashes of thunder, which lead to power outages. First time the lights, monitors and speakers went out, we were in the middle of a song. Quite creepy, but great job to the band, they kept going, whether they wanted to make it acoustic or not, with light or without, no one stopped worshiping.

The other couple times the power went out during the sermon, but we made it through! After, my family met over at my parent's house for lunch, dominoes and an egg hunt.

Me, Christie and Zach

Throughout the day, it was very dreary and rainy, but I think everyone was so grateful for the rain! For a while, I was thinking that Oklahoma was going to turn into a desert! We really needed the rain and it had been way too long since we had even seen rain.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter!


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