My Oh My, MYLA!

I am happy to announce that next year, my baby niece, Myla Omega DuFran, will be adopted from Ethiopia, Africa!!! 
It's so hard to express the amount of joy I have for my brother and his wife! The wait has been long, tiring, depressing with a lot of times feeling so hopeless after beginning the process almost three years ago. This past Thursday, they received the call from the adoption agent to accept their referral to a six month old baby girl! Of course, they accepted it and told everyone the wonderful news that evening. 

I was eating out with my friends Quincee and Brendan when I received a call from my brother asking if I was out? I said yes. He asked if I could hear him okay? I said Yep! {I could almost sense what he was going to say!!} He told me the wonderful news. :)
Good thing the phone call was short and sweet because a rush of happiness and relief for them came to me. I can't remember the last time I just sat and cried because I was so happy!!!
Quincee had stayed updated with my brother's adoption, so she was just as excited as I was.  Immediately, I was on my phone for a good 30 minutes texting everyone the picture and good news! 

Minutes later, Zach text me a picture of Myla. All I could do is just observe how gorgeous she is! Her BIG brown eyes, her little fingers all curled up and her beautiful skin. Might I add, her smile will light you up as well. My heart melted.

Since my brother was out of town all last week until Saturday night, my mom and I went to his house and decorated the inside full of baby girl things with pink streamers as a "Welcome Home Mommy and Daddy!!" It was quite fun and thankfully, they were more pleased that we had surprised them :)
Zach's window decoration!
Last night, they had their referral party with pink treats and more photos of Myla!! She is just a cutie and I am so excited to meet her. There were a lot of photos taken last night, but I had to be super careful about what was posted to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter since Myla is still under the Ethiopian government, but fortunately, I can show her off on my phone!! My friend, Jermaine caught me a few times, randomly, just going through and staring at the photos of Myla. He finally commented saying "Wow, you must really be excited to meet her!" :) Yes... yes, I am! 
Christie and Zach... a.k.a. Mommy and Daddy!
She is definitely loved more than imaginable from so many family and friends, already! I am so happy for my brother and sister-in-law for their patience as the wait was 2+ years too long, I think they would both agree that Miss Myla was worth every second of the wait. :)

More to come in the future!


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