Grenada, West Indies #6

Today, this was where I was able to test myself and roam on my own while my cousin taught a class and took care of other things. I had a few things in mind of what I wanted to get done before I left and this was the perfect time! I decided to walk to a near-by bakery and grab some breakfast, then I headed to the "mall." This was more like a grocery store with random other shops attached. I bought some Grenada chocolate, which contained 70%, 80% and 100% cocoa! Grenada has a cocoa plantation, unfortunately shut down for tours, but the chocolate is so tasty! I left the market, walked all the back to the house to put the chocolate in the refrigerator and off to the beach I went for a couple hours of relaxation. It was a beautiful day!
My cousin found me on the beach near the fabulous restaurant, Umbrellas, and had our late lunch. We went back to the house and Cris' wife, Tammy was there to start cooking a very tasty dinner with us! {We made it a group effort :)} After dinner, Cris and I made our way to his friend's house, who's are an English couple that run a bed and breakfast. Their establishment is gorgeous with a perfect scenery, at the top of one of the mountains that overlooks the harbor. The couple was probably one of the most hilarious and entertaining people I met during my time in Grenada. This was a nice way to end the evening!

It was my last full day in Grenada, so my cousin insisted that we catch some more time on the beach before I leave. We walked down to a beach, on the opposite side of my cousin's house, called BBC. 
Scenery on the way down to the beach
BBC Beach
It was such a gorgeous day that we both decided to take a little nap! I figured I wouldn't really fall asleep, but just enjoy the sound of the waves. Nope, I fell into a deep sleep and had quite an unusual awakening. Cris hears the "Rhum Runner" boat coming towards us. He hollered my name three times before I woke up and told me the Rhum Runner was coming! {I was beyond confused as to what he was talking about} I turned my head to the water and sure enough, the Rhum Runner boat from the cruise ship had arrive...
Rhum Runner
...Right in front of where we were napping. I didn't move my towel an inch from my napping place to take this photo. The cruise ship was filled with a group from the UK, so the whole boat unloaded and brought some interesting entertainment for the remainder time on the beach.
The rest of the evening, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to some new and favorite spots to enjoy one more night life in Grenada. 
Cris, Wayne and AJ at Umbrellas!
Cris and I
It was a really fun night and a great way to end my last night on the beautiful island!

Of course, like most trips {for me anyways} the morning of my departure came way too soon. I heard my alarm to wake up and made sure I had all of my belongings in my bag. I had to arrive two hours in advance to board my flight back home, so that called for an early departure from my cousin's place. On the way to the airport, I was able to see the beautiful morning and the whole way I couldn't believe a week had already passed. We arrive at the airport, unload my heavy bag and what I hate the most was saying good-bye. My cousin gave me a hug and quickly made his way back in his car and off he went. 
For me, I had no idea what my travel day had in store, but thankfully, I arrive back in Oklahoma three hours later than my original schedule {equaling to 15 hours of travel/airport time} But regardless, it was well worth my relaxing vacation. 

I would highly, highly, highly recommend traveling to Grenada, or booking a cruise that stops at the port. It's a beautiful island with friendly people and great hospitality. It's not like the U.S., which is all the better! I know I will be making another trip to Grenada and can't wait to make more memories!

Stay tuned for my last Grenada blog over the different entrees I tasted!


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