2012 On the G-O!

A few days ago, I realized I haven't really blogged about what has been going on since the beginning of 2012! Let me explain... it's been a lot, but it's been really great! I think I will back up my up-date to December 26th and move to the current.

December 26th, I traveled my way down to the deep south with my parents to Baton Rouge and New Orleans for a holiday break getaway! We enjoyed one of my family's favorite genre of food, cajun and some great, live music :) 
Baton Rouge, Oak Valley Plantation
 French Quarters
 Live jazz music on Bourbon Street
It's always a treat being less than a days worth of driving away from a really awesome city that is so different from home in Oklahoma. We came back before New Years Eve, so I was able to spend with some great friends to bring in 2012!

After a long break from work and working out, the month break from the gym and the projects in the office were kicked into full gear! I'll start with the workouts, first.
Right now, I'm training for my first half marathon with one of my best friends, Quincee Cornelsen!
 This will be my first race that is over a 5k {and 10 mile difference, I might add!} So, I really needed to start training much earlier than the normal 12-week training started. We are now 2 months from the race and I've been averaging about 14 miles a week, which will increase each week from now on! So, it's exciting stuff and I can see some inches shedding, which you will never EVER hear me complain about that fact!

Work... well, it can definitely be challenging at times, but recently, I've enjoyed what I've been doing. Since early December, Invest Ed has been working on a documercial for one of our programs, STARS, made for high school teachers to execute the financial education material in their classrooms for their students. I've been working on the production and storyline of the documercial, which has been so awesome! I was never taught any strategies of film production in my undergrad, but I've loved it all! It's wrapping up and I can't wait to see the finished product!
 Laura, my co-worker and STARS Events Coordinator
 Another co-worker, Jo Ann, STARS Director
Shooting at the Max Westheimer Airport in Norman
Edit Suite!
School, well, it hasn't gone anywhere. All the nine hours I'm completing this semester and hoping to survive statistics, having class three nights a week keeps this girl busy! After this semester, I'll have six hours of internship that I will complete this summer, three hours of my last elective, and my comprehensive exam! I'm so excited to see the light to graduation by December of this year, then I will be done with school!!! {Huge relief!} 

One thing that is a bit different from last year is that I don't have very many traveling adventures planned, for several reasons. 1)Vacation days from work are sparse and few compared to more freedom while I was a part-timer for most of last year, 2)The price of everything, including airfare, has increased and 3)I'm not sure where life will take me after I graduate or where future job interviews will be located. My plan is to save, save and save, because that just sounds like a good idea! So, do you think I'll be staying in Oklahoma this whole year?? NO!
So, I might have fooled some of you, but it's been two months since I've left Oklahoma and I'm already getting the jitters to leave again. OU spring break is coming up this month, so I've planned a long weekend trip to visit another best friend of mine, Andrea, in Chicago!
Trip to D.C. visiting Andrea and finishing her last semester, last year!
As I was finding the weekend to jet-away, I booked the weekend of St. Patty's Day without realizing until after the fact! {Funny how things work out :)} I've already researched how Chicago celebrates and it looks like I'll be seeing a parade on the green river! So excited!

I will be making another trip this year, but I will be announcing that at a later date :) 
Happy Leap Day!


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