Plan- For Those -Tains!

Since I returned from Africa, I've been dying to 1) find plantains, locally and 2) learn how to make fried plantains. I had fried plantains the majority of the meals for the five weeks I stayed in Africa and ate them like candy!! It's been a little over four months now since I've returned home and it was long overdue that I had learned to make this delicious treat!
The weekend before last, I had a shopping day with my mom in the city. We went to the new Whole Foods Market, Sunflower Market and the outlet mall. I was so excited to find a big stash of plantains at the Sunflower Market to experiment with and enjoy this week!
My friend and college peer, Edna, is originally from Ghana and she was my guide with good tips. 
I'm sure I could look up a recipe, but this photo from Pinterest explains it all:

So, my first attempt alone went went o.k. Problem 1) used too much salt. Problem 2) let them fry a little too long.
Beginning process...
This is where I should have taken them off the burner... but did I?
So, they were a bit burnt and wayyy too salty. I tried again on Sunday and they were perfect!! Tasted de-lish! (Sorry, no picture for these)

Speaking of Africa...
As some of you know, I've been volunteering at my church's youth group a couple evenings out of the week, since I was so involved growing up. Last night, both directors made an big announcement, that might not have been much of a big announcement to some, but for me it was huge. For the season of Advent, the youth is encouraged to raise money for the Heiffer International organization to buy a flock of chickens for families. These chickens will become a huge financial income for a family, which will potentially turn into the same for an indigent village. Also, they will be raising money for a Well Project that will provide clean water for those in Ghana and could open opportunities for young girls to receive an education instead of traveling an entire day to fetch diseased-filled water. 

The whole theme recently is to show the youth how they can be a change in the world. Why am I so excited about not only these projects, but this theme?? This is what I think about constantly! These youth have so much potential to change the world in so many ways and I'm glad to see the two projects that were chosen are to help Africa :) I know they will make a change for many.



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