Africa Update:Batik?? You Got It!

I'm now down to 8 weeks until it's go time. Some days I wake up and I'm not quite sure what to think about it. So far, I have had two dreams which have been somewhat related to the Africa trip. Both nights while I've had these dreams, they have included other things (which I won't discuss for this post) but I find it pretty odd.

Anyways, a couple weeks ago, I received probably about 10 different e-mails from the Study Abroad Office and my professor in Togo reminding everyone about what we need to be doing, what we need to mark down to do at a later time and things we "might" be doing during our trip. Less to say, it was quite the information overload! BUT, the good news, I am right on track to be getting things done. (Whew!)

So, what's next, you might ask?? Visas. This is a very interesting process in order to receive one, but I will need two, since I will be traveling to two different countries. This process will begin at the beginning of next month (April). I will have to send a request form and my passport to Washington D.C. They will follow through and send back a visa and my passport, which takes about three weeks, then I will have to send my second request form and passport back to receive the next visa. The second one will only take a few days to deliver back to me. (funny, the drastic time difference for the two to process)

Until then, I will be making a few small trips on my own! But first, I will share some information about what we will be doing while I'm in Togo! This past week, I received an e-mail from Dr. Bass (Professor for the Expedition to Africa) that we will be hiking up to a waterfall in Kpalime, Togo, to attend a batik workshop from a woman, Chantal, who has started her own business as a batik artist! (You can check out her website to see some of her products --- I LOVE her purses!!)

Also, a girl named Ashley is assisting Chantal with her business growth and skill set, along with other duties that we will be able to experience first hand. Ashley is a, American Peace Corp. volunteer who will be talking to us about her volunteer work and will be taking us to a school for the blind. I know for a fact, this will be an experience I won't forget.



  1. Oh wow! I love her batik purses too! I can completely see you carrying one around- very Sabrinaish! What a neat souvenier to maybe be able to bring home from your trip!

  2. Yes! It will definitely be an item of purchase...or making??


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