Africa Preparation Update: Waiting...

Last week, I was eagerly informed that one of my friends, way back from middle school, that she was going to be traveling to Africa with me! The great news was quite a relief since I did not think I would know anyone traveling to the other side of the world. Since then, we researched the cheapest flight with reasonable lay overs at our stops and purchased our tickets!!! We were able to save seats right next to each other so we would not be stuck on opposite sides of the plane. This made me even more excited and felt even more "official" than it was before I purchased the ticket.

So, as I was looking up the dates to book my flight, I was not really thinking about the actual days we needed to arrive in Africa and how long we actually had to stay. Once again, thank you to Vanessa, if I had booked my flight on my own, I would be arriving a day late and leaving about two days early. As of now, I will be in Africa from May 15 to June 17. 

This past Tuesday, I received the rest of my vaccinations: Polio Booster and Meningitis. These shots were a breeze! (I also think it was the lady from my previous visit who also made the shots not so might be all in my head) The shots were quick, painless and was on my way! Yes, my arms were sore the next day, but I think that was expected.

The yellow card is what I will have to carry with me everywhere I go in Africa, which has the information that I have the Yellow Fever immunization and also lists the others that I received.

By the end of the year, my brother and sister-in-law are praying and hoping to have another member of our family with us from Ethiopia, Africa. My mom has been finding souvenirs I should check into to bring back from my trip. We found a website that shows the assorted fabrics called batik. This would be pretty cool to make different things out of and the fabrics are very unique! Here's a good site to check out to see some of the batik designs

On to other things...
Last weekend, I went with Quincee to our friend,  Lydia's garage sale! Lydia is one of our friends we grew up with at McFarlin all through high school and through college. She found out in January that she was accepted into the Peace Corp. in Ukraine! This new experience has been a dream of hers ever since the three of us traveled with our handbell & choir group to Eastern Europe in 2004. Sadly, for Lydia, she can only take two suitcases with her for the two years she will be living in Ukraine, so that means new treasures of Quincee and I! Here are a few of the things I found.

I bought the two Fleur-de-lis and the swirly decorative wall piece that go great with the rest of the living room.

I also found the three candle holders (which matches the decorative wall piece behind my TV) and, if you can see on the right side of the photo, there is a small, red bin under my coffee table that I also goes great with my color scheme of the room.

I also bought two other picture frames and a plate hanger in my kitchen (I forgot to take a picture of it, but I will soon because I found some really cute plates and it looks awesome!) My house is just a little more complete now and all for a whopping $40 :) Thank you, Lydia! Your treasures will always remind me of you!

This just in, I received a text today from a friend, Taylor Clark, who I traveled with to Atlanta, GA at the beginning of the year, for Passion 2011 Conference. The new Passion CD "Here For You" was just delivered to those who ordered the cd at the conference this afternoon and Taylor told me that I'm on THE FRONT COVER of the CD!! I at first didn't believe him, I mean...randomly, who would if you aren't a part of one of the performing bands? Sure enough he sent me a picture of it! 

My face is in the 'F' and I'm jumping!

I was soooo excited it and he also told me that it will be in stores for others to buy. Crazy!

So, this was a very lengthy blog, but I can't close it without a song and since the Passion CD just came out, I think it would be appropriate for a song from the album. Enjoy!



  1. I'm excited for you and your trip to Africa. It will be such a great opportunity to see something so different from the United States.

    I like your new decorations, too!

  2. Sabrina! Didn't see that you posted this the other day!! So glad to see my decor in your cute home! They fit perfectly in :)

    Africa is coming up soon...yay!!!!

  3. I know! I love it all! I can't help but to walk through my living room and smile :)

    I can't wait for Africa! 10 weeks! I'm still sad you're leaving, but I follow your blog ritually, so I can't wait to follow your journey in Ukraine!


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