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It's never too late to find the Christmas station on the radio that plays Christmas music 24/7 until Christmas (or maybe even until New Years) --Hence the name...Christmas station ;)!!! Anyways, I had been searching for the station for a while and somehow always by-passed the station.

This Sunday is the annual tacky Christmas party at one of my best friend Quincee's house! I have never been until now, but I am way pumped!! I have already found my tacky Christmas sweater (sorry, mom!) and on the go for a dirty Santa gift!

Yesterday, I was notified by one of my professors that our final was a take-home exam! That made me put a big grin on my face as I really have a hard time enjoying the class my professor teaches.

All of you know that I love suggesting songs that are not main stream. This is a well-known artist whose music is featured in, what I've noticed, many TV shows. Regina Spektor genre of music is an "anti-folk." For this blog post, I am suggesting one of my new favorites, "Dance the Anthem of the 80's." Just a forewarn, it is a very different song that is kind of weird, but it's fun. My favorite part of the song is when it hits the 2 minute mark and plays to the end. I hope those of you reading this takes a few minutes to listen :)  (If you click on the link, then you'll even have the chance to watch the music video! And yes, it's weird too ;) )

I just realized that I have not posted any photos from my family cruise from this Thanksgiving break, so I will go ahead and share a few!

Summer and I @ Fat Tuesdays in Cozumel!
  The pictures above are from our first port in Cozumel and the beach where we spent the day!
The beach @ Grand Cayman

So, looking at the above photo, we made a stop at a Wendy's in Grand Cayman for a restroom and lunch stop. I got out and looked over the edge of from the parking lot and this is what I found!
Zach, Christie and I
From the above pictures since Cozumel, this was our second port at Grand Cayman Island in the Bahamas! This location was, by far, the most Americanized out of the islands we visited, but the beaches were gorgeous!!
Jamaica Mon'!
@ The Ruins
Climbing the easy part of Dunn River Falls
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Yes, Our third and final port was spent on Thanksgiving Day in Jamaica! Part of  my family took the cruise excursion to the Dunn River Falls and as a surprise, my sister, brother-in-law and nephew arrived at the same time we did in Ochos Rios! 
Cooper & I after dinner one evening...
The whole Fam!
This kinda made me laugh :)
Mi padre y madre
Can't forget about my grandpa and his wife, Margaret!

That is all!



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