First off, I have been on a music kick for quite sometime and love to share my latest "favorite" song with whomever has an open-mind to music selections! The two latest songs are "Firework" by Katy Perry and "King of Anything" by Sarah Bareilles.

I feel like Katy Perry can always be a hit and miss on her songs, but her latest is pretty catchy. Sarah Bareilles has pretty cute and fun songs that have strong lyrics, which I'm a fan! I can see similarities in a few artists from the lyrics of their songs and from the poems I write. I tend to listen to more artist who write well written lyrics and have a legit meaning.

Anyways, yesterday, my best friend, Monica Collins was married to Craig McKee in Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to my classes at OU, I was unable to attend, but I know for a fact it was a gorgeous ceremony and an even better reception at the Caesar Hotel Gardens! The picture above isn't the best image, but it was taken at Monica's bridal shower with our good friend Melanie Carr.

Recently, I have been playing a lot of soccer! I actually play on two teams at the moment while juggling work and my last semester of my bachelor's degree. I treat this sport as a way to clear my mind and have fun! I've been playing soccer since I was at least 5 years-old and have been on a team for about 14 years. The picture at the top is the team that I just pulled together at my work! The second picture is from my team that I have been playing with for the past two and a half years! We play at the Indoor Soccer Arena (ISA) up by Yukon, OK and is a complete blast!

It is a bit dreary and rainy outside today, but very nice temperatures! This weekend will be filled with fun and friends that I am looking forward to! Hope everyone has a splendid Friday!



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