Portland 2017: One bite at a time

Reuniting with my childhood friend in Portland was a wonderful adventure. For six days, I was able to explore areas on my own, take a road trip down the coast of Oregon and eat my way through Portlandia. I had no itinerary, but a wish list to have a fun time and we owned it.
Where to Eat in Portland
Carioca Bowl
I stepped off my flight at 9:45 a.m. PST starving since I left Oklahoma at 6:00 a.m. and had nothing to eat prior to my departure. Carioca Bowl was heavenly and located in a fun area to roam and look around in the local artisan shops. They have a variety of wholesome meals and snacks entailing fresh fruits, vegetables, and seeds that will keep you full and active. 

Salt + Straw
This is always a must-have and I had this 'must-have' feeling three times while I was there. Don't judge. 

I always ended up choosing the honey lavender flavor, because it is just that delicious! Salt + Straw does have their original flavors they keep year around, but each month, they have about six options of different flavors which goes with a particular theme. When I visited the first time during this trip, they had a Flower Power theme and the rest was Rescued Food Series
I couldn't help myself singing in my head "Take me to church!" by the popular singer, Hozier, as I was sitting in the passenger seat of my Uber car on the way to Church Bar. From the outside, the building blends in with the rest of the strip of businesses it sits beside. Once the doors open, you walk right up to the bar and notice a sign that reads, "Eat. Drink. Repent." With a great happy hour filled with craft cocktails, beer and wine, you can also find some items to snack on while you drink in an old chapel setting. If this scene is too odd, don't fret, Church also has a pleasant patio out back. 
Bamboo Sushi
Exploring this awesome city, there are different pockets of neighborhoods and districts, as most cities, but I did notice out of the areas we walked, there was a Bamboo Sushi restaurant. Living in a landlocked state, it's easy to get used to the usual taste of 'fresh' fish. The taste of the fresh fish intermixed in the rolls was heavenly! The way to explore the rolls is to order a few rolls and split them with your company. 

Fat Head's Brewery
If you're a fruity brew fan, this is just your spot to stop. Located downtown, Fat Head offers IPAs, Stouts, and Ales of quirky names of beers that will quench your thirst. My order of Bumble Berry was a light Ale topped with blueberries, which was a first. It was delicious! They also had a full menu ranging from traditional brewery food, to salads, tacos, sandwiches and burgers. Come hungry and thirsty. Leave full and not thirsty!
I was also a fan of the fat man in the barrel for their tap handles.

Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen
This modern, hip style of Vietnamese brings a crowd! With a long line, one would be quick to make a different decision to find another restaurant, but you would definitely be missing out. Luc Lac is a great choice for tasting a bit of Vietnam with entrees including pho, vermicelli bowls, rice plates, fresh spring rolls, and a great cocktail and beer menu! The vibe is cool with open air option for seating and the food is delicious!

Tasty + Sons
Brunch gone right. Tasty + Sons entails a creative twist to your traditional breakfast items and is cooked with your other favorite, organic ingredients to fill your tums with goodness. All of their produce are from local farmers and vendors that are listed on a big board near the check-in desk. 
The way to experience this spot is to pick a few items off the menu and split them with your friends to get the true taste of a creative brunch. Oh, and I can't miss mentioning the excellent service! It was an overall great experience!

Tamale Boy
Coming from Oklahoma, it's not uncommon to hear people rave on and on about who makes the best queso. Well, in Portland, queso isn't a thing. Not that they don't make it well, I'm saying that queso on a menu is nowhere to be found. Arriving to Tamale Boy, I actually was searching for some type of queso dip, queso sauce on the menu. Nope! Salsa or home made guacamole are the choices, but I will say the guac was on point! With a great patio, we enjoyed our tacos, tamales, guac and cocktails outside. If you order the guacamole, they will come to your table and make it in front of you! Another great experience which assists you in enjoying a meal.

Portland is full of any taste you can imagine and just think, I barely even made a dent! 
Yes, I did so much more besides eat, but sometimes it's more fun to blog about what I love, outside of exploring new cities - Food!
Love. Travel.   


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