Spice Isle Carnival 2015

As Asia's lingo states "Same, Same, But Different" ...this is somewhat along the lines of how my last Grenada getaway felt. 

One of best times to visit Grenada is during Carnival. I finally asked my cousin why Grenada celebrates Carnival in August, rather than closer to Mardi Gras and it's mainly for tourism reasons. It's common for Caribbean islands to celebrate Carnival during all times of the year, so all the party goers can experience the uniqueness of each island and their way of celebrating. 

Since this was my second time to experience Carnival, I felt a bit more prepared than the first, but there were many aspects this time that were different. I already knew what to expect, but it was hard not to judge each event of Carnival from the first. Nonetheless, it was a great adventure.

This time, I had the boy with me! I had the chance to explore the same grounds around the island, but to also experience the scenery and activities as he did for the first time. He finally gets why I have a thing for this island of paradise. What really attracts me back to the island is, the obvious, my cousin, but also the unique culture the country still portrays. This island isn't like Jamaica, Grand Cayman or the US Virgin Islands - very westernized, but the support from one local to another is unlike the other islands I've traveled. I feel the island will stay this way for a good while before other franchises move in to try and take over. 

Once we finally landed on the island, nearly three hours later than our scheduled arrival, we had the best welcome crew to start the festivities! Of course, there was my awesome cousin, but also his two friends, AJ and Sheldon, whom I've seen from each previous visit. 

The first few days were relaxing, filled with beach time, touring the southwest portion of the island, trying fresh juices, and "liming" (hanging out/chilling/beer and chats) with great friends. The second half was dedicated to Carnival festivities!

Scenery of fun in paradise: Here's a look into some of my favorite shots from Annandale Falls, Grand Etang National Rain Forest, Grand Anse Beach, BBC Beach and fun with friends:

Island Eats:
Ever since my first visit, I've had lobster. Hands down, this is one of my favorite sea creatures that gives a heavenly taste in my mouth. The thing about this trip, it was actually illegal to catch lobster during August...or any month that doesn't have an "r". Many thanks to a good friend, he had the "in" so I could have it fresh!


Cooked Octopus might be my second favorite sea creature to try! Although some might have trouble with textures, I'm fortunate enough that I've never had that issue to discourage me from trying delicious eateries. 

Lambi (Conch)
You know those huge sea shells that you can hold up to your ear and actually hear the ocean? It's the muscles inside of them that we ate! Super delicious that was cooked along with the lobster and octopus.

Cherry Juice
Oh my, Vitamin C! Forget the Airborne. An 8 oz. glass contains probably 3 days of your daily dose of Vitamin C and is so refreshing! We've already tried finding it in our supermarkets and international markets at home and there's not a trace. I guess there's an additional reason that we'll have to visit again!

Street Food
During Carnival, everyone has to buy street food at some point. For the small amount you pay, you actually receive a large amount of carbs and starches to soak up all the Carib and rum that has been filtering through your intestines for the past 48 hours. What you actually receive is a little chicken, chips/fries (no, not french fries), skinless baked potato and breadfruit. The locals like to call all of this Provision

This was such a needed trip for both of us, mentally. We patiently waited to venture to a location where we could let go and enjoy the company of ourselves, my cousins and friends. It was just an added bonus that we had the breath-taking scenery to go along with it all. I also cannot thank my cousins enough for hosting us during our 8-day stay, not mention, following their 2.5 months of traveling themselves! 

I compared this trip to the Asian phrase "Same, Same, But Different" because ways of being on an island, what it lacks, and what it offers is the same, but adding the boy to the mix made all the difference. 
Love. Travel.


  1. I'm glad you all had such a great time and got to experience it together!


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