Denver 2015

"All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know." - Ernest Hemingway

Up until recent, I've had writer's block. I could have had a couple different posts, even one from my NYC trip and celebrating New Year's Eve. But to be honest, I couldn't write about the time in NYC. As much as we saw and as much as we experienced, it wasn't the best trip I had ever been on or the most exciting. I just could not get myself to speak highly of the exploring that we did for that trip, which had nothing to do with the people I traveled with or the destination. I can't quite pinpoint why I feel this way, but regardless,​ I'm glad to be back in the groove to write.

In just four days, I think we did as much as one could do in a full week. Needless to say, we didn't waste any time. We saw different areas of Colorado, ones that I love,  and certain locations I had never previously explored. 

Of course, one preparation before any trip, is checking out the weather forecast. Well, let's just say the forecast was not much help, considering what we actually experienced.

We arrived at 6:35 a.m. mountain time and started on our journey. We did stop by my friend's place before really venturing out, but what we really couldn't believe was the weather - heavy snow and sleet!! One of the times I have visited Colorado was during Oklahoma's spring break, mid-March and it was clear with sunny skies. Lesson learned, it does snow as late as mid-April. Luckily, due to the warmer weather the week before, the pavement was still warm and drive-able. 

We first ventured to Golden, CO to tour the Coors Brewery and walk around Red Rocks. As thin as my jacket felt while we walked around chilling, my pictures, on the other hand, turned out pretty cool!

I had done some research of local restaurants and attractions to try and mark off the list, but much of the eateries came from my friend, Elaine and her boyfriend, Thatcher. I think I could say that my favorite meal was from Uncle, which is known for their unique ramen entrees. I tried the Spicy Chicken Ramen that was excellent!!

Another eatery that was pretty tasty came from a local brunch place in Union Station, Denver called Snooze. Their specialty items are the pancakes. By the time we arrived to Snooze, I was definitely ready to eat. I decided to just order eggs and one peanut butter cup pancake with chocolate chips in the pancake batter. (Yes, this was definitely a splurging moment.)  I was almost thinking that I could probably eat more, but I'm very glad I ordered one, because this pancake was the size of three!! I'm not sure if I even ate half of this thing due to the amount of sweet sauce that covered the plate. I would recommend Snooze, but just be aware of their portion size.
During our visit, we also traveled to my favorite, Estes Park and the Stanley Hotel. Similar to other mountain towns, my mom grew up visiting Estes Park every summer and well, tradition continues when I visit the state. I think my crew enjoyed what the little town had to offer, even the Salt Water Taffy treats!

To close the trip, we ventured to Colorado Springs and walked around Garden of the Gods. Revisiting this location still puts me in awe, gazing at the rock formations. After walking around for a while, we were pretty hungry and randomly came across Trinity Brewery in Colorado Springs. We walked in and found a place at the bar and was immediately served little tastings of what was on tap. As a plus, they had a good menu to curve our hunger.

Although the vacation was somewhat brief, my travel buddy fell in love with the state, (as it was his first time traveling to Colorado) and will definitely make our way back sooner than later. A huge thank you again to my childhood friend, Elaine, and her boyfriend, Thatcher, for sharing their space with us!

Until my next adventure...

Love. Travel.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Sorry it snowed and sleeted on you, but it gave you the authentic Colorado experience. :)


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