Oh Darling, Let's be Adventurers

In less than nine days, I will be traveling to a continent I have yet to make a trace. I will be anxiously awaiting arrival, only to realize I'll have the scene of an airplane seat-back, and the architecture of the familiar, as well as new airports for over 24 hours. 
Since the beginning of November, I've been researching the beauty and activities on bucket lists of other travelers to make sure I do not miss anything in Luang Prabang, Laos. I'll be meeting my crazy, awesome cousins in Bangkok, Thailand for short excursions and exploration of the temples, and shopping in the lively city. The three of us will then catch another flight to Luang Prabang, Laos for the remainder of my stay in Southeast Asia.  
How have I planned for this trip in comparison to others? Research. To make my travels a bit smoother, I made sure to purchase a converter that will work for both Thailand and Laos. Before, I've used a generic "Africa" or "West Africa" converter that came along with "Europe," etc. I figured the "Asia" converter would be for China/Japan. Better safe than sorry? Who knows.
Luckily, I haven't had to update any of my vaccinations and I've chosen not to take the anti-malaria prescription with me.  I really hope I don't regret this decision. I've talked with quite a few other friends and family who have traveled to this area, since it is a risk for malaria; however, they used DEET, which is just fine for me!
I also purchased a fleece blanket from Backwoods that has a pocket! Since this will be my first international travel (further than Grenada) solo, this will make my "paranoid self " be a little more at ease while I nap, knowing that my valuables will be close.  
Although, I have heard it's best to have a set schedule of activities while traveling, in order to use your time wisely, but from my past experiences things didn't always work out and expectations were not met.  I'm going to try to do as much, and see as much as I can, and enjoy the people and culture. 

*On a side note: I am fully aware of the situation in Thailand and how the 
military has taken control over the country in a coup.
How does this change my traveling? Well, one might assume that traveling is a chance to relax and let loose. Not much in this situation. I've register my trip itinerary and passport with the U.S. Embassy and while I'm there, it's strongly urged for travelers to avoid wearing anything red or yellow. There has now been a curfew issued in Thailand from 10PM to 5AM. My cousin will be arriving in Bangkok before I do, but there's a chance that I might have to spend the night at the airport once I arrive, since my flight arrives at 12:30AM. 
With that being said, it's going to be a tedious arrival after traveling for 24+ hours and being aware of my surroundings, as well as my actions. I'm hoping we'll still explore the city, check out a couple of temples, and do a little shopping! 
Who knows what will happen since there are nine more days until I depart, but I can definitely say that I can hardly contain my excitement to begin another adventure!
" The greatest adventure is what lies ahead." - J.R.R. Tolkien
Love. Travel. 


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