Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist!

Back from another adventure in one of my favorite locations with great food, friendly people, unique culture and beautiful scenery. Grenada will always be a special place for me.
This trip was specially made for my cousin's birthday! Most of the time was spent on the beach, but it was a nice and different kind of visit than I've experienced before.
 My cousin, Cris, on his birthday at Port Louis
Grand Anse Beach
 First "normal" picture I've taken with Cris
Tammy and I at The Roof Top Bar
Since this was my third visit to Grenada, I had a little different perspective. This is a very slow time in the crazy and wild country due to the rainy season approaching and cruise/tour season coming to an end until August. This was my first time being able to go out and explore on my own since my cousins had to work during the week while I was visiting. This gave me the opportunity to figure out the public transportation and see how I could actually direct myself to other areas of St. George's without using a map!

Two of my tour days, I toured around the downtown area of St. George's, walking around Fort George, going in and out of church's in ruins, and little shops. The scenery from Fort George overlooking St. George's was breath-taking. It was peaceful and quiet. I was one of the only ones at the top and I just stood watching the rain pour down on the mountains near my cousin's house. 

One of the shops I ventured into was one I had visited during my first trip to the island with my cousin. The owners and a few other locals make their own batik products as well as intricate beaded jewelry. Of course, since the last cruise ship of the season left the day before, there weren't many "tourists" {yes, I hate referring to myself as a "tourist"} walking around, I was the only person walking into the shops. 
Back to the story...
I walk into the shop and a local worker attending the checkout counter asked me if I needed help finding anything, I responded, no, thank you... I'm just a returning visitor and just looking. The lady asked if I would like to go upstairs to the studio and watch them make the batik! 
It was pretty authentic, the process the women used to trace the patterns and free style the designs. The owners of the shop knew my cousin and made the connection as to whom I was. One of the owners made sure to give me her business card and ensured that I was always welcome back. 

Making a personal contact while traveling is one of my favorite things when I do travel. Connecting and interacting with the locals and their culture is so refreshing when I travel to a "tourist-y" location. 

Since I was on the island for 12 days, I did try some interesting... food?... animal? 
{note: if some visuals make you queazy easily, you might want to hide your eyes and just scroll down for this next part}
One day, my cousins, some of their friends and I spent the day at Hog Island!
Always a blast and always the place to try very exotic and disturbing foods. I'm thankful I can almost try to eat anything, even if it's not a normal item someone would put near their mouth. 
I tried a Manicou! Manicou's are in the possum family that actually tastes like pork and was very good! Here are the before and after pictures...

Along with trying exotic tastes, I did have a mouth-watering meal at a five-star Trip Advisor rated restaurant on the island, called BB's Crabback! My cousins and I had an assortment of different fish that was freshly caught out of the Caribbean.
It was great visiting old friends, meet new ones and spend time with my cousins. I know I'm leaving out so many other stories, but enjoy the remaining pictures below, because the scenery alone says a lot.


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