The Traveling Continues!

Sleep anywhere, Eat anything and don't forget to Travel Well.

Ever since I had my 2011 year of "travel mania," I have hoped each year that the trend continues. Of course, getting older with more and more responsibilities, my career with limited time-off has made travel somewhat sparse. After staying in Norman for the entire semester last fall, I'm finally able to have more adventures! 

Yes, most of you know I was in Haiti last month, which was an amazing and life-changing mission, but the upcoming getaways are more for pleasure and wedding festivities with friends!

The next couple months will be busy, busy, busy! My first escape will be south to Dallas for one of my best friend's bachelorette weekend! According to the itinerary, it looks like we'll be tasting a little wine, dancing a little dance, and watching the future bride's cheeks turn red as she opens her gifts :)
Aaron and Quincee!
Just a few days later, my next stop will be to the location I like to call, paradise! Any guesses? GRENADA!!! 

This trip will be my relaxing vacation and celebration of my cousin, Cris's, birthday! 
Cris and me!
I'm also looking forward to seeing his wife, Tammy and everyone else I've made friends with on the island!
Me and Tammy!
Last, but not least, another one of my friends is marrying her Mr. Right in Tennessee on May 11th. A group of my friends are road-tripping it to Nashville the Thursday night before, which will be just as fun as celebrating Rachel's next chapter of her love life. 
Rod and Rachel
BUT, there is part of next month that will be eventful in Norman as well! I can't believe that my little niece is turning 1 on April 7th! 
Myla :)
She will have been home from Ethiopia for six weeks by the time she reaches her birthday. She has been such a blessing to my family and it's so exciting to watch her grow :) Happy Birthday, baby Myla Omega!!

As some of you know, my sister is expecting in August!!! They will reveal the gender of the next bundle of joy on April 24th! I can hardly wait!
The McGuire Family... All four of them!!


  1. AHHHH yay!! Some many exciting things going on...can't wait for all the festivities. Gonna be a fun few months for sure!


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