Taste Grenada!

I promised I would write about the goods I had during my visit in Grenada, so I hope you enjoy the adventure I had... in my mouth :)
Since I started this blog post way back in January and never finished it, I figured I would just continue with what I ate during my second visit as well, so the first portion is from my stay in December 2011 and then switches to my stay in August 2012. Enjoy!

Grenada Trip 2011!

Spaghetti, tomato sauce and big chinks of mozzarella cheese
Piece of tomato and black olive pizza and this spinach quiche 
Sorrel! This was delicious! It is a seasonal/Christmas drink on the island made from a flower and a few added ingredients to create a sweet drink. Yum!
Lambi, or some might also call it escargot! The texture was pretty different from anything I have ever tasted. It was quite crunchy, slimy and fish-like texture and taste that turned out to be very good!
Angel fish, pretty tasty!
Breadfruit Chips... Mmm!
We stopped in a little village, starving, and tried this called The Doubles! It's fried bread filled with curry chickpeas. Very good and filling!

I came at the perfect time of year... Lobster season!! My cousin boiled these guys and made an excellent cuisine!  
 Before the boil...
After the boil..
Dinner is served!
 This is called a Roti! Very good, incredibly filling and made with a tortilla like wrap with chickpeas, curry mixes and fish. {You can substitute the fish with chicken or veggies}
Inside of the Roti

Grenada Trip, 2012!
Spinach Quiche

Below are Skinups! These were picked from one of my cousin's trees at his house.
They have kind of a gooey inside that has a sweet and source type of taste. You don't eat any of the outer shell, as I quickly learned :/
You suck on the gooey insides until you reach the seed part. Pretty tasty little snack!
 Dinner! Avocado {Huge!}, star fruit, and ramen noodles with peppers and white wine
Marlin Whale, so good!
Fresh and REAL Yogurt! Delicious!
Jamaica Fish Patty
Vegetarian Sloppy Joes
My cousin was attempting to imitate a recipe he had tried in a restaurant in Turkey. He mentioned he didn't get it on the spot, but it was quite delicious in my opinion :)
Fried fish... yes, with the bones and I ate part of one, beginning with the head and ended up with a mouth full of bones. Not like I had in Africa!

This next meal was made by the wonderful, Ellen Smalley, a friend of my cousin's who I met she and her husband my first trip to Grenada. They own a beautiful apartment at the top of one of the mountains that overlooks two areas of Saint George's. Ellen and Stewart had us over for dinner and here's what they made...
Pumpkin Soup!
with rice and a potato.. .Yum! 
And to top it off, dessert, Pannacotta. Delicious! It was almost like a pudding/gelatin substance and tastes wonderful! Thank you so much for having us! It was wonderful to see you all!
In honor of Kirani James' bringing home the GOLD for Grenada,
Umbrellas had a special, "Jaguar on Fire!" So good!
All the rest of my meals looked a little something like this with fish and chips, usually! Very light and tasty!

Until my next excursion...
"To travel is to live {well}." - Marisa Allegra Williams


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