Ohh Sometimes, I Get a Good Feeling...

"One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” –Henry Miller 
So, as a few people have noticed and commented, I've had the travel bug ever since I returned from Africa. I can't seem to stop thinking about where I should travel next! Though it may not be far, I'll be traveling with my job this weekend to Los Angeles, California for a film shoot. We will be working with Rex Linn, who some of you might recognize from "CSI: Miami" or the new series "The Walking Dead." We will be updating and filming new PSA spots for our organization. Pretty fun stuff, but still a great way to get business done!

Halloween will be here before you know it, weeks with packed schedules will pass and then it's Thanksgiving! {There's so much to say for Thanksgiving, so my Thanksgiving post will come in a later time} 

Shortly after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the beginning of Christmas madness, I'll be heading to my personal get-away to... 
This will be my first time traveling alone, internationally. As I have mentioned before, if I can handle the African traveling system {including the unorganized and chaotic airports} I'm very confident I won't have too much trouble handling this trip. I can hardly wait to travel and have new adventures, but most importantly, I cannot wait to hang with my cousin, Cris Martin! For the past seven years, he's been a well-known biochemistry professor at the University of St. George. Because of distance, I have not been able to spend very much time with him since I was very, very young, so I know just from that, it will be a great trip.

Where to after Grenada, you might ask? Well, as a quick response, my answer would be... the rest of the world! More specifically, I have a few opportunities and other to consider. 
1) A family who were former attendees at McFarlin UMC, travel with their current church to Ghana every summer to deliver mosquito nets {remember my blog post of my pre-packing for my trip to Africa?}
2) The Director of Middle School Ministries and good friend, Tino Herrera, last spring was chosen as one of the two handful of Methodist leaders in the nation to travel to Haiti and be trained in order to bring mission groups to Haiti. Next November will be the second opportunity he will have to put his training and experience into action. My interest to travel along is increasing the more I hear about it.
3) As much as I have loved living in Norman for 25 years, by next December, I think the possibility of finding myself in a new location is fairly high. I have no idea if the grass will be greener on the other side, but you never know until you experience it. There's a lot that will go into this decision (of course) and the timing could be sooner or later than my intentions, currently. 

Until then, my dreams will ponder and keep growing bigger and bigger cause that just sounds like a good investment of my time and others, as well :) 

 “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” –James Michener 


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