Weekend #2: Same Concept, Two Different Worlds

This weekend began by going to church with two other girls on our trip, Alex and Tiona, along with their host family, Dacosta, Jackie and Salty (Yes, they named their little girl Salty...).
Dacosta and Jackie...(Salty's picture in next weekend's post!)

 The church was a Seventh Day Adventist, spoken all in Twi. Of course, we couldn't understand a word during the sermon, but Dacosta explained what the message was, etc. 
Alex and I had recognized a few hymns since it was based from the John Wesley version, so that was pretty neat. The choir's attire looked very similar to our graduation cap and gowns. They enter the "sanctuary" singing and swaying back and forth until they reach their area on the side of the "sanctuary" where they sit. 

The reasoning for my quotes when I speak about the sanctuary because it is more of a renovated building that is not really close to being complete. They do have a keyboard piano that is wired to a sound system which is very loud and of course one individual has a microphone that has quite a difficult time singing the correct notes during the songs. But, the best part about it, those tidbits didn't matter, because everyone was continuing to worship the same loving God.

As most times in Africa, when you have a schedule or plan for the day it should be no surprise that your set schedule should go as planned. This happened to me almost every day in Kumasi, but I just had to go with the flow and enjoy the scenery in front of me. After the church service, Dacosta took Alex and I to eat Kenke that the church women prepared. I would have to say that this was one of my favorite meals during the whole trip.
Girls leaving church to go home together.

 He then took us around the church grounds and introduced us to several family and church members, we sat and made conversation for a while. This is the time when I met a younger man named Frank. Frank was so interested in learning why we were in Kumasi and what we were studying about Africa. This was a chance to test my knowledge about what we literally just studied in class and I felt like I nailed all of his questions, until he asked "Where do you see Africa going?" and "What do you think we should do to get ourselves out of this world of hurt?" I literally paused and did not have an answer. I think I was just in shock, but searching for some legitimate response. I did reply, but at this moment, I'm not sure what I said. Frank is an economics teacher at one of the high schools, so he was very knowledgeable about what we were being taught.

After church, Alex and I walked back to my host family's house and had some fruit and talked until it was time to experience night life in Kumasi (Hi-Life!). We went to a location called Sports Hotel and watched a futbol game then hung out to dance and listen to Hi-Life music! 
Alex and my host brother, Dennis, dancing!

Mandy, Dennis, myself, random guy, Alex, Tiona and another random guy

Hi-Life is a mixture between regae and hip hop music that is popular for the younger crowd in Africa. We had a great time!

Sunday morning, my host brother and father took Mandy and I to Lake Bosumtwe. This was quite a treat! The lake is located about an hour away from Kumasi that sat right in the middle of mountains that 24 villages surrounded. The scenery was absolutely phenominal!!
 We took a guided tour around the lake and to a couple villages. We saw cocoa bean plants/trees, coconut and pineapple trees, tasted the coconut milk and skin right from a picked coconut (Never had it fresh before!!!) and I was brave and ate a dried fish. 
 Basket full of dried fish
Yes, that would be me about to bite into one of the fried fish from the basket...
I finished it!!
Mandy and I with our tasty coconut.

All in all, a wonderful weekend!

More to come for Week #3!


  1. I see how much you like those dried fish. I think I'll get you a bag of those for your birthday!

  2. Oh Zach, you are too kind and know exactly what I want... although I think that fish was the kind that you can only find in Africa, so I think another trip to Africa would be a great gift ;)


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