Africa Update: Wal-Mart & Teens

This past weekend, my mom helped me gather a long list and made a trip to Wal-Mart... the place everyone loves, but hates. It was getting down to that time to begin the packing process that will probably take the whole two weeks I have left. I made sure to pick up more than enough disposable wet wipes, a big bottle of hand sanitizer, baby wash and powder, more DEET spray, peanut butter, etc...

Some of the odds and ends that will take up space in my bag instead of clothes. Notice all the wet wipes....yep!
This tiny bottle is VERY powerful and will be pretty useful if I go out in the evenings when mosquitos are bad
Sleepsac! Maybe I'll sleep so well in this cocoon that I'll come out as a butterfly each day :)
Until I remember to grab a suit case, my room is filled with Backwoods and Wal-Mart sacks and clothes that were bought for this special trip laying everywhere.

Good news! Everything is in! I now have both Ghana and Togo Visas, my ISIC (International Student Identification Card) and credit card! Since I went through a bit of a trouble receiving my Togo visa...(pure mistake on my part) and after waiting almost two weeks for the ISIC discount card, it was a relief to know that everything is in my possession now.

I had yet to take a look, until a few days ago, at what the visas looked like! They are very colorful :)
Togo's Visa
Not much time left now! Until I leave, I'll be busy working, hanging with friends and family, savoring all the Americanized foods, working out, packing and finishing my last paper for the spring semester! Thir-TEEN more days!



  1. the time is quickly approaching! (Don't forget to put your insect sprays inside a ziplock in your bag so they don't leak or explode on your clothes!) :)

  2. Oh my, I miss you already and you haven't even left.

    I know it will be an extradorinary adventure, and I will pray that God returns you to complete your dream for a blessed life.


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