Portland, The Prohibition is Over

Oh, Portland. You were a great getaway, not only for your weather, food and awesome beer, but to also celebrate friendship and love.

The entire reason Portland was on the getaway list was for my childhood friend, Joe and his future mate, Philip. After 8 long years in their relationship, they decided it was time to seal the deal, i.e."The Prohibition is Over." Not only did I meet their friends in Portland, but I was reunited with old friends from high school, as well as my best friend, who now lives in St. Louis! Can you already feel the fun in this post?!

With an over sized luggage, Airbnb and an active Uber account, I was ready for the adventure to begin. Our Airbnb was in the south side of Portland in a quaint town, called Sellwood. Since I was the first one to arrive, I explored the area as soon as I was dropped off at the Airbnb. I was starving by this time, but luckily, the food truck extravaganza was just two blocks away from the duplex! 
I ordered a local Oktoberfest beer and a Peruvian dish that hit the spot. I continued walking in one direction to find the New Seasons Market, which is like a Whole Foods, only a bit better, and then onto the Columbia store! (Thank you clearance section.) After the day of exploring solo, it was time for everyone else to arrive in Portland. 

Throughout the few days prior to the wedding, we walked throughout Sellwood and Downtown Portland. The weather could not have been better and the changing colors of the leaves was the ultimate "October" scenery to enjoy down each street. Although it might have seemed like we burned a ton of calories walking everywhere, we definitely made up for it try all the treats and local cuisines in the city. 
I admit, of all the items we tried, my favorite was Salt and Straws. This was a well-known ice cream parlor that experiments with flavors of the world and turns them into a sweet treat. They encourage you to try as many flavors, and you know I took advantage of the opportunity. I chose a small scoop of honey lavender and cinnamon snicker-doodle. 
As soon as Saturday arrived, we had a lot to achieve on our touristy list! First was the Saturday Market.    

Oklahoma has quite a few craft shows year around, but the items sold at the Saturday Market was much more of my taste than the blingy cowgirl junk that is sold from vendor to vendor in Oklahoma. The vendors at the Saturday Market come out every Saturday for 2-3 months in the fall, because they definitely have the support each weekend. 

Of course, Voodoo Donuts was just around the corner from the Saturday Market and we only stood in the line for 15 minutes!

We continued venturing out of the city to the Chinese Rose Gardens and Multnomah Falls! Have I mentioned how beautiful it is around Portland? Oh, my camera was just as excited to be taking the photos as the person who was behind the lens. The weather could not have been more perfect with the sun shining through the trees, letting the temperature around the falls feel so refreshing. It was great visiting nature and exploring more scenery that Oklahoma lacks. 

Finally, the entire reason that brought myself and my best friends together was celebrating the love of Joe and Philip! 
This lovely couple have been together for the past 8 years and have experienced many trials and tribulations, but The Prohibition is OVER! Their ceremony was beautiful, the scenery was gorgeous, and the support from all of their friends and family was heartwarming. To end the evening, Philip and his family shared a traditional Samoan dance to share culture and the giving of love. 

I was so grateful to have been able to share this special moment with such wonderful friends, near and far. Thank you to Joe, Philip, their friends and families for making this occasion so wonderful. And as for Portland, keep doing what you're doing.

Travel. Love.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! I love the Columbia River Gorge!


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